Accessories, Equipment & Tools

Come on in and browse through our extensive collection of accessories, tools and equipment.  We carry items for knitters, weavers, crocheters, spinners and felters.  We have a large in-house inventory listed below, plus the ability to special order additional items.  We special order many of our larger pieces of equipment for you at no additional charge, to ensure you get exactly what you want for your fiber art!

Bags for Accessories and Projects

  • Binkwaffle Project Bags – in a custom Northwest Wools design
  • Judy’s Original Knits Project & Yarn Caddy Bags – locally made in Portland
  • Knitterella Muslin Project Bags
  • Lantern Moon Silk Accessory Bags, Project Bags & Yarn Boxes – Fair Trade
  • Northwest Wools large, waterproof Project Tote – custom-made in Oregon
  • Plymouth Silk Project Bags
  • Walker Bags for Yarn, Projects & Accessories – see-through mesh, lots of colors!


Books and Magazines

We have a large selection of books and magazine for every fiber art. Information and inspiration for knitters, weavers, crocheters, spinners and felters, as well as those interested in hand-dyeing.

Books include:

  • Classics
  • “How to” books
  • Newly released books
  • Popular titles
  • Technical Reference books
  • “60 Quick” Series from Cascade

Magazines include:

  • Crochet Today
  • Handwoven
  • Interweave Crochet
  • Interweave Knits
  • KnitWear
  • Little Looms
  • Rowan
  • Pom Pom Quarterly
  • Spin Off
  • Wheel
  • Wild Fibers

Buttons, Shawl Pins & Shawl Sticks

We have one of the largest selections in town!

  • Buttons, etc – unique and colorful
  • Buttonhole – vintage, reclaimed buttons
  • Color & Weave Buttons – hand felted & decorated
  • Dill Buttons – vibrant and trendy
  • Favour Valley Buttons & Shawl Pins – hand-made wood & antler, made in USA
  • Jul Designs – shawl pins, sticks and closures – unique and striking
  • Lantern Moon Buttons – bone, ebony, shell, etc
  • One of a Kind Buttons & Shawl Pins – hand-crafted ceramic, made in Oregon
  • One World Buttons – natural stone, glass, wood, bone, shell
  • Plover Designs – hand-crafted metal shawl pins, made in Portland

Crochet Hooks

  • Addi Swings Crochet Hook Sets
  • Afghan Crochet Hooks
  • Clover Crochet Hook Sets
  • Hand-made Crochet Hooks – each one is unique
  • Knitters Pride Bamboo Hooks
  • Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hooks – large selection of all sizes
  • Susan Bates “giant” plastic Crochet Hooks


Felting Tools

  • Felting Books
  • Felting Needles
    • Fiber Trends Felting Needles – 4 in pack
    • Clover Pen-style Needle Felting Tool
    • The Colonial Needle Company Wood-handled Felting Tool
  • Felting Starter Kit

See Yarns & Fibers page for listing of yarns & fibers we carry for felters. We have the largest roving selection in the Portland area – and a huge color selection of yarns that are great for successful felting.


Knitting Needles


  • Addi Lace
  • Addi Rockets
  • Addi Turbo
  • addiClick Turbo Set
  • addiClick Rocket Short Tip Set
  • addiClick Rocket Long Tip Set
  • Denise Interchangeable Needle Sets
  • Denise2Go – Travel interchangeable Needle Sets
  • KA Bamboo
  • KA Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Sets
  • KA Bamboo – Asymmetrical Needles: for knitting in the round on small items like socks, hats, sleeves, etc.
  • Susan Bates plastic

Knitting Needles

Double Points

  • Addi FlexiFlips
  • Brittany Birch– short and long sizes
  • Knitter’s Pride Nova Cubics Platina
  • Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina


  • Bamboo Marking Pins
  • Bobbins
  • Chart Holders
  • Chibi Tapestry and Darning Needles
  • Circular Needle Protectors
  • Coco Knits Accessories
    • Maker’s Keep
    • Stitch Stoppers
    • Stitch Markers
    • Yarn Snips
    • Cable Needles
    • T-pins
    • Knitter’s Block
  • Darning Egg
  • Eucalan Delicate Wash
  • Handi Tool
  • Highlighter Tape
  • Knit Checks
  • Knitting Dolly
  • Knitting Thimble
  • Lantern Moon Tape Measures
  • Pom Pom Makers
  • Purse Frames and Handles
  • Scissors
  • Slipper Soles
  • Stitch Counters
  • Stitch Holders
  • Stitch Markers:
    • Bizzy Knitters metal Stitch Markers – no snagging!
    • Clover plastic – all shapes and sizes, locking & ring styles
    • HandworksNW locking metal Stitch Markers
  • T-pins: rust resistant for blocking


  • We offer in-store sales of Ravelry Patterns
  • We also carry a curated selection of our favorite designers, who offer well-written and tested hard-copy patterns:
    • Ann Norling
    • Churchmouse
    • Cocoknits
    • Fiber Trends
    • Knitting Pure & Simple
    • Shibui Knits
    • Tin Can Knits
    • And many more…

Spinning Tools & Equipment

  • Ashford Drop Spindles – wooden and well weighted for success
  • Ashford Hand Carders
  • Spinning Books
  • Spinning Wheel Maintenance Kit
  • Spinning Wheel Oil
  • Spinning Wheels are special ordered to ensure the right fit and style for your needs! 10% student discount if attending our Spinning class

See Yarns & Fibers page for listing of roving & fibers we carry for spinners. We have the largest roving selection in the Portland area!

Storage Cases for Needles and Hooks

  • Lantern Moon Silk Knitting Needle cases – Fair Trade
  • Lantern Moon Silk Crochet Hooks cases – Fair Trade
  • Lantern Moon Silk combination cases – Fair Trade
  • Namaste Leather Needle Storage Case – limited supply

Weaving Tools & Equipment

  • Bobbins — plastic
  • Boat Shuttles — due to the large number of styles and sizes, let us special order just the right one for your weaving needs.
  • Books for Weaving — classics and recently released
  • Cotton Carpet Warp — 8/4, large color selection
  • Double-ended Sly Hooks
  • Floor Looms and Tapestry Looms — we are happy to special order just the right loom and accessories for you!
  • Heddle Hooks — long and short sizes, wooden handles
  • Stick Shuttles — several sizes, all wood
  • Reeds — some in stock, others can be special ordered. Fixed and variable.
  • Reed Hooks — brass
  • Rigid Heddle Loom — we recommend the Ashford Knitters Loom for its quality, portability and ease of use. We are happy to special order the right size and accessories for you!  10% student discount if attending our Rigid Heddle Class
  • Zoom Loom — pin loom from Schacht

See Yarns & Fibers page – we carry carefully curated yarns for weavers

Yarn Bowls and Mugs from Master Potter Frank Philips Pottery

  • Portland-exclusive, these ceramic Yarn Bowls are hand crafted in the Bauhaus-style at Frank Philipps Pottery in Ashland, OR .
    Each one is unique in design and color!  But like all Bauhaus art, they are truly functional as well as beautiful.
  • Matching ceramic mugs, also hand-made by Frank in his distinctive style. With 35 years practicing his art, Frank’s creativity and skill continues to expand and evolve.

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